Ken Walker

Custom Designs

The Northwest's Premier Designer Jeweler

Ken Walker Jewelers is the place to be to create your own custom and unique jewelry. Our artists in store work with you to create and design your very own one of a kind piece. We first work with you to sketch a design, then our CAD specialist creates a digital design for printing the model. From there our goldsmith creates the finished product exactly how you want it.

The only limit is your imagination when creating your own unique jewelry that is special to you. Our staff is always excited to help make your dream jewelry become a reality.

The Process (Sketching)

Starting With a Sketch


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First we work with you to create a sketch of your custom jewelry piece. It all starts with an idea, from there our artist Jeff Walker will help design the piece just the way you imagined it.

The Process (CAD)

Creating A Wax Model


Next our CAD specialist gets to work creating a digital 3D model of your custom piece.

The Process (Printing 3D)

Printing Your Design

Wax Mold

After the digital model is complete we use the latest technology in 3D printing to create a wax model of your jewelry.

The Process (Casting)

Bringing Your Jewelry To Life


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The final step is casting your piece by our in store goldsmith and adding the final touches to make your unique jewelry fit you.